Sunday, March 31, 2013

Mia Cafe

I had passed by Mia a few times, always intrigued, but always a bit hesitant about going in. It always seemed a bit classier than I was A) feeling or B) looked and/or was dressed. By the time I actually decided to bite the bullet and just go in, I was with my kid. Go big or go home I always say. 
As you walk in the entryway, the option is to head on upstairs. With each step upstairs the din grew louder and my heartbeat quickened as if everyone was going to be decked out in evening gowns or something. I completely know how ridiculous and irrational I sound right now.There's no need to let me know. The decor shone with brassy chandeliers and white tables; each with a sweet yellow flower that gave a needed punch of color- a contrast against the black velvety/velour chairs. The cafe itself was in an expansive area with lots of windows allowing the light to pour in, showing off the circular wall designs. It had the distinct feel of an upscale hotel dining area. The iced latte that came to the other table looked Yummy. I gave an inward squeal. I love when a trip is not wasted. I saw the woman next to me pour what appeared to be a flavor of some sort into hers. Curses. I refused to let latte envy get the best of me on this trip. It was as if I was surrounded by good looking coffee....When my hot, caffeinated beverage finally arrived, it had a milky foam and with my added sugar, it was not bold but just the right amount of sweet for my insatiable sweet tooth. All in all it turned into a delightful afternoon treat. Really good- even if swiping my neighbors drink seemed out of the question. Next time I think I would pair it with one of their dishes though - the hot cake menu looked over the top.  They also had a lovely outdoor patio area, so, coupled with the right weather would be quite nice. 
Oh yeah, and just because I'm the epitome of class, the juice runs 160-220 may want to carry a big purse with treats if you've got a toddler.  Save the cash for the hotcake.
They have the higher priced coffees i.e. Kenya, Ethiopia, Golden Mandheling from 220-250 NT. The Espresso's (cappuccino, lattes, americano..) come hot or iced and range from 160-200 NT. 

Address: 台北市敦化南路一段235之2號1樓 106 Taipei Taiwan
No.235-2, Dun-hua S. Road, Sec 1, Taipei

 Chill and Stroll- No need to rush. 

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