Monday, October 29, 2012

Cocoro Café

A couple of weeks ago my girlfriend and I met up to try out a coffee shop in TienMou. Mind you, it's Friday afternoon and my son is whipped, cranked out and REALLY not in the mood for me to go on yet another coffee bender. The whining started instantaneously upon being seated. I was in the process of doing the infamous eye roll at my kid and silently mouth to my friend that this was not going to work when she saw it. Behind the middle of the support beam in the middle of the room was a tiny oasis for mother and child alike. A Lego table. I swear to you, I think beams of light were shooting out of it- it was that magical. Wyatt was ecstatic. I was ecstatic- and I had not even ordered my coffee yet. The coffee! The menu was a mini scrapbook…. adorable, but one that I couldn't read because it was all in Chinese and Japanese.* There were some scattered pictures throughout, but I figured I was safe ordering a latte. Hot, foamy, adequate creaminess with a touch of raw sugar, it made for a lovely afternoon treat. To clarify for my friends sans kids, just because the café is home to a Lego table does not by any means turn this coffee shop into a daycare. It must be a well-kept secret, as there were only 2 kids in the whole place. The decor was country/colonial-y with wooden rafter beams, shelves of crafts for sale, and overhead lights that looked to me like they could be watering can spouts. Cocora gave off that kind of comfortable warmth that made you want to stick around for awhile, like you were in someone's home. Shoot, it's probably good they didn't have a couch in there; I could have been there all afternoon. Cocoro Cafe is definitely a place I'd go back to. I mean, if my son can stay entertained throughout a leisurely cup of joe- I'm THERE. 
 *After taking some pictures of the menu, my girlfriend in all her awesomeness translated the coffee selections for me. Cocoro uses Italian brand coffee beans, Segafredo, and they have a number of coffee options ranging anywhere from an Americano to a banana mocha latte. Served iced or hot, prices range from 110NT to 140NT.
Lane 166 Zhong Cheng Road No. 7 Section 2 ShihLin


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