Thursday, October 18, 2012

Alyshia's House

I love "happening" upon little places of awesomeness. I thought this to myself as I stared blankly at the Chinese-only menu I held in my hand, feeling confident that a latte was the way to go. One of the guys working in the shop (who spoke English) patiently went over the menu as I picked out a bite to eat.  As I waited for my latte, I soaked up my surroundings. The place was pretty cool. The entire wall behind me housed a relief map of the continents utilizing exposed brick. The contrast of the brick with the charcoal gray walls and the white double crown molding on the ceiling offered a great deal of visual appeal. Two platforms flanked either side of the cafe; one side with bench/couch-like seating and the other side with a number of tables, bookshelves and a massive fish tank. I was starting to fall hard  for this place based on visuals alone when I realized I was holding my breath a bit when the latte was placed in front of me. I wanted it to be good. My worry was for naught. From the moment the latte was placed in front of me, I was a bit transfixed. Ok. *Dork alert. * I'm a bit of a sucker for foam art. Even if you don't admit it out loud (which you probably shouldn't), we all know it's wicked cool and we want to possess that skill (or maybe that's just me?!) My girlfriend's latte held a heart, while mine had a leaf. My first sip equaled relief as the foam did not disappoint and the coffee was not "watered" down by milk. The coffee had a great taste and that foam  was simply endless. It was as if each sip never happened; my cup appeared virtually untouched. I'm such a nerd.- stuff like that intrigues me. I mean, the leaf pattern held itself together all the way to the very bottom dregs of my cup people!!!. That my friends is a foam to be proud of. 
Incredibly satisfied with our lattes, my girlfriend who can read a bit of Chinese looked over the menu/coffee options for me. While Alyshia's House doesn't necessarily offer differing coffee roast options, they do have the standard latte selection, two of which we belatedly discovered are star'd as recommended (the Hazelnut and Vanilla latte). Hot italian Coffee and Americano's are also available and customers have a choice of having their coffees iced or hot. Price point ranges from 80 Nt (Hot Italian Coffee) up to 130 NT. 

Address: 17 Qiangang Street, Shihlin District
Near Jiantan MRT station

Verdict? Go ahead and run there. I'm about to....again.

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