Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Cafe 8

For awhile this stop had been on my list of routine coffee shops to go to when my girlfriend and I would meet up for a "catch up" chat. Why here? Well, while I haven't tried their black coffee to date, their lattes are reliably good. The milk was frothed and foamed to perfection - it was so thick it was literally floating like a sumptuous cloud on top of my coffee. Sorry, I'll tone it down..I just get really into my "work." That and the fact, that if we're going to get to know each other well, I REALLY like foam. In this case you get a lot of foam for your buck for sure. 
Aesthetically speaking, Cafe 8 has a well worn look to it and the cafe itself is virtually open to the outside. Tables sit outside for the smokers or those who, um..want to breathe the smoke? Either way inside seating is a viable option. Note* What's on the menu is what's to be ordered. Period. They didn't say that, but I like to think that I can read people pretty well. For those who prefer their cafes to look super posh, this may not be for you. However, relationships are give and take  and this coffee is at a great price point(40-80 NT) with a large variety of items to choose from.

No 28. Lane 22 TianMu East Shihlin District Taipei City 111

How does it rate?
 Speed walk baby. 

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