Thursday, October 18, 2012

Lucias Cafe

I came across this oasis on section 7 while on a search for another recommended cafe. Not having the desire to pedal a second more, I took a chance and walked into Lucia's. I'm glad I did. The outdoor space that you walk through to get inside is simply lovely. It reminded me a lot of Sonnentor's in Tienmou actually. With it's foliage and wooden dining tables, I could picture myself cozying up with a book and just "vegging" out for awhile. Inside I was immediately welcomed and provided a glass of cool tea while I was making my selection from the menu. I'm not sure if this is customary or if they were nervous my red face was giving the appearance of nearing heat-stroke like conditions. Whatever the reason, it was unexpected and a kind of those little details that one remembers when making a second visit. 
After perusing my options, I settled on a latte and took my seat. The room appeared to be divided by a sliding door and was small with that well worn feel of a grandma's house. A hodgepodge of mismatched furnishings and tables made up the decor ( yes some if it had flowers on it)but I found it to be quite homey. In fact, the longer I sat the more I felt like all the patrons just meandered into a super- nice friend's kitchen who happens to have an open -door policy. A feeling you don't get from the big chain coffee shops I may add. When my latte was set before me, so was the most delicious little bite sized oatmeal cookie . It was even warmed. Did I mention it was also complimentary? Sweet!!While the foam on my latte did not require a ruler, the coffee was strong and hot... Fantastic qualities, I may add. I have found, and have discussed with friends who agree, that all too often the ordinary latte over compensates in foam and fails to impress with the lackluster liquid underneath. I can warm my own milk at home thank you very much. With that bring said this latte was a welcome departure from what I had been encountering as of late. Verdict?I was a sweaty, albeit VERY happy camper.
Bonus? They open at 8:30 am and typically close at 9:00.
(forthcoming)Zhong Shan Road Section 7 Shihlin District
Phone- (02) 2871-2507


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