Saturday, October 20, 2012

Black Bean House Coffee

This little coffee house is a gem…..a diamond, sapphire-whatever precious stone suits your fancy. I found it kinda/sorta by accident; as the coffee shop, along with slightly obscure directions were given to me in passing conversation. I was browsing some retail shops with my son in the general described vicinity when shockingly he had to use the restroom. Even more shocking, the salesclerk said no, we most certainly couldn't use theirs. Upon our journey to find a bathroom we had a happy accident. Not in the way you may be thinking- we actually ended up arriving at our destination! I think I can speak for my son when I say it was a win-win. I walked into the shop and the smell of fresh coffee beans hit me like a load of acme anvils. The decor? Charming. It was everything a coffee house should be; quaint, a bit eclectic replete with a window front full of unground beans, grinders, coffee pots and a slew of coffee gadgets. Wooden beams with billing floral cloth overhead added softness and a homey feeling that made you want to settle in for awhile. The tables that flanked the walls each had lamps, perfect for bringing a laptop and finishing up homework, work or a really good book. Oh yes..and the coffee. Well, at the risk of sounding desperate, I really needed an afternoon pick me up- and it did the job. You all will be proud to know that I ordered a plain, no frills coffee. Just black.I believe the exact brew was Guatemala Huehuetenango SHB (for 150 nt) What is happening to me?????? The coffee was good, strong and hot. I could sip it without squinting, shuddering or involuntarily sucking in my breath. When drunk hot there was not really much of an acidic aftertaste which I appreciated. It was exactly what I was looking for. The prices ranged from medium to high depending on your roast (100NT-300NT). They had coffee from Middle and South America,Africa, Middle and South America and Asia. Seemingly something for everyone. Oh and they sell bags of beans there which = awesomeness. So you may ask, was my blind date with Black House coffee a love match? Indeed.

Address: Section 5, No 527,Zhongshan north road Shihlin


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