Saturday, October 20, 2012

Ueshima Coffee Lounge

Let me first make a bold statement. Ueshima is the standard by which I hold all other lattes. Decadent is a heavily weighted word that I don't throw around in casual conversation. Seriously people-I COULDN'T EVEN HANDLE THE CUP IN MY VERY  HAND. As if that wasn't enough, I about snatched my girlfriend's too. Let me blame-shift for a moment.-It was her fault. She offered. OK she offered a sip…then relented to another sip; probably upon eyeballing my pathetic longing glances at her large sesame cup of goodness(150 NT for those who want to know). Upon our arrival, the Lounge was packed. No seats. Wistfully forgoing the cool tin-looking mug I opted for a to-go cup and took the standing room only option on the patio outside. I was a bit bummed, I really wanted to enjoy the inside surroundings a bit, not to mention sit. It was also quite difficult to observe the surroundings, being as there were so many bodies. The shop itself was quite a decent size, perhaps just not as readily available for a lounger like myself on a Saturday afternoon.  When there is room to sit, the front of the shop offers deep living room type seats, while the rest of the shop has your standard table/chair/countertop seating. The coffee options? Sesame, Strawberry or Caramel Milk Coffee. MMMM. Oh, and let us not neglect the Vienna, Soy or Sugar Free Milk coffee options. I rose to the challenge and caramel being the sinister temptress that she is, had me from go(120NT). Dessert in a cup. Truly. Oh and the aforementioned Sesame Milk? Dreamy. I was tragically close to going back in and ordering another cup of coffee when I suddenly became mindful of my waistline. I did however go back in and tell the young man behind the counter how amazing my cup of coffee was- I just couldn't help myself. He humored me and nodded and smiled in all the right places all the while refraining from pushing the panic button under the counter. He even entertained my brief discussion of the coffee shop while confirming that all ingredients were from Japan. Poor guy. I decided to cut him some slack and ease up on the inquisition. The price point on the coffees ranges from a low of 70 NT dollars and goes up to 150 NT for a large cup. I'm telling you, while not on the food pyramid, a large Sesame Milk Coffee is completely worth making your breakfast. I eat dessert for breakfast don't you?     
** I don't usually recommend lattes and/or specific coffee's for people, however in this case I will make an exception. The sesame latte is a MUST TRY.                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Address: no.199,Section1,DunHua South Road (ZhongXiao MRT station Exit8)
Rating? You can't run fast enough.       

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