Tuesday, October 16, 2012


I've been to this place quite a few times. In fact, when I had first moved here, it was my "go to" coffee place, which was pretty evident as the buttons on my shorts were becoming particularly strained. Bygones- I find their lattes to be scrumptious. The last time I went however, the latte tasted different, not as creamy or flavorful as I had previously remembered. I am ALL about second chances however and will chalk it up to a barista having a bad day. 
The cafe itself?-On a particularly nice day the outdoor seating makes for a nice quiet retreat to hang out with a friend or a good book if that's the company you're preferring.The inside has interesting artwork and the decor is tasteful and warm. I love a cafe that "invites" its guests in- this is one of those places. NOW. Let me get down to the coffee  and note ** this is in regards to the multiple positive experiences I have had. I will say that if you're in a rush for a cup of coffee, go to 711 because as I have found, perfection takes time. The latte is brought on a charming wooden plate of sorts (I'm a sucker for presentation) with a little glass carafe of flavored liquid sugar, which in my case was hazelnut…my favorite.MMMMMM. In my opinion, pour (all) that liquid scrumptiousness into your latte and settle in for a treat. It's pretty filling, so getting the corresponding tea time treat may be over the top....for some. No judgements please. Seriously Heavenly.
Price point? The lower end of high (120NT-180NT) but worth the price every now and then. Yes. Sacrifice a coffee from the chain and buy 1 from here. You won't be disappointed. Oh and did I mention that the coffee is Organic? Bonus.

No 6. Alley 18, Lane 38 Tianyu Street ShihLin District Taipei City 111

How does it rate? Well-Assuming that one incident was a fluke....

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